Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring has sprung!!

Joseph and Finn loving on GP

Cheese :)

Joseph loves his BB

So happy Mommo is here

Cousin lovin

Happy to be on the boat for the 1st time

Knocked out

Loving spring time

Beautiful Angel

Drooling all over the place

Joseph got his first tooth!!! He was absolutely miserable. That tooth caused so much pain!! I felt so bad for him :( Once it broke through the gums, he was back to his normal happy self! They say the 1st tooth is the hardest so lets hope that is true!!
He is now sitting up so well that we put him in the grocery cart and high chairs at restaurants! He loves looking around and studying everything and everybody. This is such a fun age!!
Easter was great! Mommo (Joe's mom) came and stayed with us and got to spend some time with Joseph. We had a fabulous time on Easter with my family as well.
Joseph went on his first boat trip yesterday and fell asleep before we even left the dock! He loved to sound of the motor!! It hummed him right to sleep. It wasn't long before the Blue Angels (an acrobatic jet team) woke him up. He was terrified!! I felt like the worst mom ever. Poor baby was scared to death!! I hope it didn't scar him for life!!