Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pictures for fun!

Just wanted to share a few more pictures of Joseph as he is getting soooo BIG!!! He loves to ride in his car every night when daddy gets home. He is sitting up ALL by himself now. And I make him do silly things and take pictures of him all day long :) Today his Easter basket came in, so I couldn't resist...

Better watch out

I am sitting all by myself!!!

Can't wait for Easter!!

Isn't he the cutest!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Where does the time go?

Sweet cousins!!

We didn't even put there hands like that!!

Happy birthday Joe!

Mmm carrots!

The boys at the beach

BB and GP love their boys

One happy family

Everything goes in my mouth now

Loves his momma

Bailey in the snow

Ty boy about to throw a snowball

Man, who knew that you dont even have time to go to the bathroom much less blog when you have a baby!! They sure are cute but very time consuming!!! Joe and I have had so much fun with Joseph. He is growing into the happiest little boy and it is so nice to finally be over the colicky period!! He has this sweet smile when you come and get him out of bed in the morning. Like he missed you so much. He loves to stand in his exersaucer and bounce and play. He still is hating tummy time but we did finally get him to start rolling over! When he sits on your lap he rocks back and forth like he wants to get going. I know I will be in trouble when the crawling begins!! There is no stopping this boy. He is pretty hard headed. (wonder where he got that from) Joseph absolutely loves his bathtime. This summer is going to be so much fun cause I just know that he will love the pool.
February was full of fun. Joseph's aunt Mandy, uncle Mac, and cousins Ty and Griff came to stay with us for a weekend. Joseph loves his cousins soooo much. They are so entertaining! Plus it snowed while they were here! It was so much fun! A few weeks later we were in 70 degree weather at the beach house with BB, GP, Aunt Cog, Uncle Tradd, and Finn. Joseph loves his cousin Finn. They are gonna be best buds. It will be cool when Finn realizes that Joseph exists!! I cant believe how fast Joseph is growing up!! It is sorta sad!! But I am loving every minute staying home with him and am so blessed to have this time.